Supported Employment

Forward2Employment started its Local Supported Employment Pilot in 2023, which is supporting Medway and Kent in their joint bid for the National Pilot Scheme for Supported Employment.  We are working alongside the Education People and the Local Councils to find long-term employment for people of working age; who have learning difficulties and/or Autism.  Between us, in this pilot, we will support up to 40 adults across Medway and Kent.

Currently, we have placements for all of our clients to gain the necessary employability skills to gain employment. We are being supported by:

  • DHL
  • The Panini Brothers
  • The Magpie Hall Cafe
  • The British Heart Foundation

Our clients are all at different stages starting with Skill Profiling to Gaining Employment, it has been great to see the progress of the Pilot so far.

According to BASE; “Supported Employment is a model that can work for ANYONE who wants to work but the mainstream routes to recruitment don’t work.  The model is underpinned by the National Occupational Standards for Supported Employment.”

If you are interested, please email: