Plans in the Event of Severe Weather

Plans in the Event of Severe Weather

A Happy New Year to you all. Unfortunately, it would appear that the new-year has greeted our return to Forward2Employment with some cold and wintery weather.

It seems timely to post detail as to how bad weather will affect placements and be communicated.

If the Senior Leadership decide to close the provision and this is an intern’s education day this will be communicated to parents by:

  • An email from the intern’s Job Coach (Please make sure that your contact details are up to date)
  • A post on the Forward2Employment Website
  • Posts on Social Media

We will also inform the Trust and a message will go on the Fortis Trust website.

Work for the intern to complete will be set online via Teams.  Please make sure they know how to log in to Teams.

If there is severe weather and it is an intern’s day to be in placement then the intern should attempt to go to work as usual if safe to do so.  Most businesses will remain open and as such will expect the intern to attend.  However, if it is not safe to travel or public transport has been suspended, the intern should contact their Job Coach in the first instance and if agreed make contact with the employer to explain that they won’t be able to attend.

If you have any concerns at all about this during severe weather, please make contact with your Job Coach and ensure that you have their contact details to hand.