Royal Mail Interns volunteering at a CBRE Cycle Series for Action for Children

Two interns who are taking part in Forward2Employment Work Placements at the Royal Mail Medway Mail Centre had a fun and productive day representing the Royal Mail’s Charity Team, and volunteering at a CBRE Cycle Series event in Surrey, Kent for the Charity Action for Children



The students travelled from Medway to Surrey and helped to set up and prepare a Pit Stop for the 500+cyclicists taking part in the 50k or 100k event.

They helped Zeus Events UK prepare the Food and Drinks station, making sure there would be enough energy-boosting treats to go around; ranging from bananas to Jelly Beans!

The students helped give the cyclists these treats and keep them refreshed with plenty of drinks.

After the final tired cyclists came through the Pit Stop, the students helped Zeus Events to pack away the area. One student even took the lead and explained to the team the best way to pack away the gazebos.

One of the interns said that “It was a good day, we got to meet new people and eat some sweets!”