Interns Gain Permanent Employment
Two interns from Forward2Employment, a part of Fortis Trust, have been given the opportunity to gain permanent employment, by both their managers, upon completion of their internships in July.  These businesses have both a local and global presence, with Stuart gaining employment at DHL in Barming and Mazdon gaining employment at McDonald’s in Gillingham.

I cannot tell you how proud we are at Forward2Employment of these two young men gaining full-time employment.  They have worked hard, shown dedication and commitment to their internship, and have always been positive.  With the support of their Job Coaches, they have shown they have what it takes to achieve.  It has been great working with David and Zoe, and I thank them for their involvement with the programme.  I hope this success can be a shining example that people with learning difficulties or disabilities can be a valuable part of any work force, and they have unique skills and qualities to offer.

Elizabeth Halton

Principal, Forward2Employment

During their placement, interns are expected to embrace all aspects of the job, and both of the interns were noted to have become “an integral part of the team” and “natural” in their positions. By enabling young people into experiencing the world of work, it helps to break down the misconceptions of people with SEND in the workplace. The interns Forward2Employment have highlighted the importance of giving everybody a chance, even if they do have barriers, due to SEND or SEMH. Mazdon and Stuart showcase the compassion and determination of all their peers and show anything is possible.

In March 2023 Stuart Barber joined DHL’s Fred Perry Contract, in Barming, Kent, on a Forward2Employment Supported Internship. Stuart quickly established himself as an integral part of the team and excelled in all the tasks and processes he undertook.  His attention to detail and professionalism has attributed to the sites continued success. The site Management team, and Stuart’s peers, were delighted when he accepted the opportunity to become a permanent member of DHL. The site will continue its close association with Forward2Employment, and are committed to providing opportunities for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in the local community to start their career journeys with DHL.


Contract Operations Manager, Fred Perry (DHL), Barming

Mazdon started with us in October 2022 as an intern alongside his educational commitments with F2E. During my initial meeting with Maz and the F2E team, it became clear that he would fit in with the team here at Bowaters, specifically the Customer Care team. He was paired with my Customer Care manager Max Apps to learn the role. He is a natural with customers so he didn’t take much training in that department! He now hosts our coffee morning, and the regulars love him. Once his exams were finished at Easter, we offered him a fulltime position which he accepted and we are privileged to have him as part of our team.




Manager, McDonalds, Bowaters, Gillingham