How it Works

Selection Process

You will be fully involved in the selection process and you would be given the final decision on who we place with you. This would include a formal interview where the student would be supported by the Job Coach. Interns will not be selected on academic ability but on social/emotional maturity and independence.

  • Interns should be able to stay in their placements and be able to manage behaviour/emotions with minimal support from work colleagues (Job Coaches would be on hand if needed).
  • Interns will be able to work on simple/repetitive/structured tasks that are real and meaningful with minimal support from work colleagues/Job Coaches.
  • Interns will be able to move independently around the premises.
  • Interns will be able to sustain being part of a team.
  • Interns will be working towards becoming an independent traveller if they are not already.
  • Interns will be able to follow health and safety procedures after induction.

Core Model

Our delivery model is based on a partnership approach between businesses and local SEND schools/colleges.  Forward2Employment is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions through the Access to Work fund, which enables fully-trained and professional Job Coaches to provide individually tailored support to interns.


The SEN provision will provide the students to the business. The business provides work placements for the students in its offices for an academic year.
Interns are supported by job coaches who are funded by Government through Access to Work Results in confident "employment ready" recruits at the end of the supported internship