How Internships Can Help Businesses
We are always looking for new businesses to help change the lives of young adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) / EHCPs.

According to the UK Government, from 2017 to 2018, only 6% of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) were in paid or self-employment [1]. Businesses can help to increase this number and provide meaningful employment to people with SEND.

There can be a lot of stigma around mental and physical disabilities, particularly in relation to learning difficulties, as the assumption is that they cannot learn the skills required for the job, or that they will not cope in a working environment. Further to this, there is also an assumption that people on the Autistic spectrum will not be able to socialise and communicate with their workers effectively.

These assumptions are not accurate! From our experience, young people with SEND are desperate to get their foot into the working world. They are ambitious and have talents that should be nurtured, to increase their career goals. However, a young person with SEND may struggle going straight into a job and may need that helping hand. Therefore, what is a business to do?

To help combat any social and learning shortcomings that may initially apply for people with SEND, a business can join an internship programme. In supporting people with SEND, there is an initiative that can support both the intern and the businesses, this is a supported Internships.

Benefits for Businesses

Grow your own talent

The process of recruiting and hiring is a drain on company resources. With a Supported Internship Scheme, we take this strain away from you, by working with the business to match them with a suitable intern.

Test-drive the talent

It’s a human resources reality: A new employee makes a solid impression in the interview, but then just doesn’t gel with your current team or your company’s way of doing things. When you “try out” candidates via an internship, you make fewer mistakes when it comes to full-time staffing; you avoid the pitfall of training a new person only to find out they’re not a fit for your organisation.

Increase productivity

An extra set of hands is always sought after by businesses. An intern can help your employees be more productive, prevent them from becoming overburdened by side projects, as well as freeing them up to accomplish more creative tasks, while the intern takes on the day-to-day tasks.

Increase employee-retention rate

According to NACE’s 2009 Experiential Education Survey [2], almost 40% of employers reported a higher five-year retention rate from the employees they’d hired through an internship programme.

Enhance perspective

New people bring novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialised strengths and skill sets. These augment the abilities of your professional workforce.

Take advantage of low-cost labour

Interns are an inexpensive resource. You do not have to pay them a salary whilst they are on the programme. Alongside this, all of our services are free-of-charge.

Give back to the community

Creating an internship program is an excellent way to give back to a community. Offering interns an opportunity not only helps young people in your community get started; it enhances the local workforce as a whole.

Upskilling your current workforce

Employers and their employees can gain access to a range of training sessions provided by experts in their field. This includes, Free Disability Awareness Training tailored for your employees.

Throughout the Supported Internship, a business will have access to a Job Coach who will support the business in learning the skills required and then will teach the intern those skills. This will save businesses money and time, as they will not need to spend time teaching multiple new people, as the Job Coach will take care of this.

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