Diversity isn’t just a Buzzword

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword, it is becoming a way of life for many businesses, and they are reaping the rewards.

In 2017, Maltesers, part of the Mars company, advertised their product with actors who are disabled. This advert was so loved and well-respected by the general public that it caused the brand to grow by 8%, they saw their brand affinity grow by 20%, and they reported that it was one of their most successful campaigns. Not only did they do TV adverts, but they also released a braille bus poster on International Braille Day.

However, it is not all about how well Maltesers did from the campaign, but what they have done for disability representation and normalization of disability in the media. As mentioned earlier, this campaign was well received and much loved, which is in keeping with the findings that around 92% of consumers, within a large scale study, favoured companies who hired people with disabilities.

We believe that all businesses have the opportunity to become more diverse and inclusive, which allows them to possibly be one step in front of their competitors who may not prioritise diversity over profits margins. However, these companies are missing a trick, as by becoming more diverse and inclusive in your workforce and marketing campaigns, not only will public opinions of your business change for the better, but also it is highly likely that your profits margins will increase, as shown by the Malteser campaign. You will be helping the local community, hiring eager and willing people and helping to normalise disabilities in the mainstream workplace.

It is simple for businesses to start their journey in becoming more diverse and inclusive. This can be through:

  • Hiring people with disabilities, both physical or mental.
  • Reaching out and including people who are disabled in your campaigns.
  • Joining a Supported Internship programme, which is not only FREE for businesses, but businesses are fully supported throughout the process by experts in young people with disabilities.

Whatever you choose for your business you can do great things by becoming more diverse and inclusive for people with disabilities.

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Thank you to Marketing Week for the inspiration and information for this blog.