Certificate Presentation Evening 2023
Last Thursday, Fortis Trust hosted its annual Certificate Presentation Event, at the Royal Dockyard Church, at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, where staff, students and interns from across the trust joined together to celebrate their fantastic achievements!
The evening was set off by Fortis Trust CEO: Ms Sweetlove with examination certificates being presented by Bradfields Academy principal Mr Waters and F2E principal Mrs Halton.
It was a privilege to have McDonald’s manager, Zoe Hanson, present the F2E Excellence Shield to Mazdon who recently became fully employed. Mazdon subsequently delivered an exceptional speech: “What F2E has done for me!” in which he praised the assistance of the Job Coaches noting that F2E is “one of the most important parts” of his life!
We were also honoured by the presence of Captain Sophie Shaughnessy from the Royal Navy and Vince Maple from Medway Council!