Benefits for The Employer: Reputation

Benefits for The Employer


One of the biggest headaches for businesses can be showcasing the fantastic work your team and/or products do.  This can be achieved through marketing, both on social media and in print, but what about the business’s reputation in the local and wider communities?

Sometimes it is not enough to just advertise your products or do a staff shout-out, especially within the local community.  Businesses now need to prove to people that they care about communities, especially as a form of outreach, or improving the lives and areas for those living in their community.

One of the proven ways in which a business can gain benefits, whilst also benefiting those within their community is by employing people with disabilities or learning needs.  The British Association for Supported Employment (BASE) explained that people with disabilities can help enhance the reputation of businesses, as it showcases that the company is inclusive to all who want to work.  When the Mars company showcased people with disabilities in their advertisements for Maltesers, they saw sale growth of 8.1% and the brand affinity grew by 20%.

Also, have you heard about the Purple Pound?  The current value is estimated to be around £212 billion annually that households with someone who is disabled have to spend across the UK.  Therefore, it would be detrimental for a business to not showcase their inclusivity and their values they hold for people with disabilities.

Further to this, by hiring people with disabilities, it can provide further innovations of products, services and workplace culture.  People with disabilities can provide diversity and unique insights into how customers and workers would use a product, service or workspace.

So, if you want your business to change the lives of those within your local community, increase your business’s reputation both locally and more widely, and showcase your business’s inclusivity policy, then a Supported Internship could be the way for you to start this exciting journey into being fully inclusive.

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