All Saints Primary School Praise Supported Interns

Our partner provision, All Saints Primary School, has some wonderful comments regarding our Supported Interns: Arron & Ellie.

Ellie worked as an intern Teacher Assistant, providing extra support to the children and teachers. Staff at All Saints described her as “a little pocket rocket” who was able to “offer praise and motivation to the pupils…”.

Arron, who assisted with the office and network management at the school, was praised for his “positive personality in a very busy setting”. They also commented on his ability to establish “good relationships with all staff” and acknowledged his hardworking work ethic – “no job is too big or small for him”.

Read All Saints Primary School’s delightful testimonies in full:



“Ellie is a little pocket rocket who has developed significantly in her confidence when working with 5-6 year olds as our intern TA. She always has a smile on her face and offers praise and motivation to the pupils. Ellie has learned a great deal from the experienced TA’s we have at our school and I am really pleased to hear that she wishes to extend her training and become qualified as a TA herself. Don’t give up on this dream Ellie – you can do anything if you work hard enough for it!”

All Saints Primary School

“Arron has worked alongside our office manager and our network support manager since September within the school. He is a positive personality in a very busy setting. No job is too big or small for him – he will happily take on any task he is given. Arron has established good relationships with all staff he has come into contact with… I have really enjoyed watching Arron blossom and seeing his interactions with the children. He will be very much missed by all the staff but we know that a great future lies ahead for him. Thank you Arron!”

All Saints Primary School