Making a Difference – Testimonials

“Since coming to the Royal Mail I have seen changes in myself an example of this is I am more committed and more focused and my attitude has improved. Having a Job Coach to support us at the Royal Mail has helped because if I have any questions or am worried about anything my Job Coach helps. If I need any help with work I can ask my Job Coach”


“It was an honour to be involved in this project from the first moment we met the staff and young people. To see River, James and Daniel evolve into the characters we see today is in itself a privilege, and we very much look forward to further involvement with Forward2Employment”

Royal Mail

“The interns have settled in well and adapted themselves to the workplace. The interns understand the process of filling their time sheets out correctly and are fantastic when it comes to following the rules, especially at break time. All the interns have made good progress in the warehouse. The interns have grown in confidence and I look forward to seeing them growing more confident whilst here at Henry Schein”

Warehouse Administrator

A former Intern, Ellie, shares her thoughts on the Forward2Employment Supported Internships

Ellie: During my time doing the internship, I learnt packing, picking and put away and I also learnt to do the time sheets. My Job Coach helped me by organising boxes properly and making sure I don’t pick the wrong products. That made me really confident.

During the internship, it changed my life by work skills, life skill, much grown up and confident. When I found out that I got offered the job, I was really over the moon I nearly had tears in my eyes, and I thought, I’m gonna have a job, I’m gonna get some money! It was really made me really happy and cheerful.

My favourite bit about working is making new friends, working for the company and helping them out.

I think that the internship is an amazing idea because you get to learn new things. And you might even get a job like I did.

Our intern Ashley, shares his thoughts on the Forward2Employment Supported Internships

Ashley: Since I’ve been an intern, I have learnt maths and English, life skills and work skills and I like to get in early to set up for the lessons and get ready for the day.

My Job Coach has helped me with my coursework. She also helps me with my life skills and if I’m down, she always makes me feel happy. And also, if I need help, she’s always by my side.
I really like working outside in the playground doing the playground activities because I am the one leading the activities, and I really enjoy supporting students.

I think the Supported Internship is a good idea because it helps young adults with learning disabilities to get and to gain confidence in the world of work to gain a job.

Well before my internship, I didn’t think I’d be able to work in a school like this. But now I have gained the confidence, I know that I want to do this. So I think, I think I’ll do well as a Teaching Assistant in the future.